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Benefits Program

Discounts and Rebate Programs

Arkansas Business Association negotiates better deals for its members and passes the savings to them in the form of rebate checks and specialty discounts.

Educational and Training Seminars

Arkansas Business Association provides members with opportunities for professional growth through educational and service-oriented programs such as training sessions, seminars, workshops, and industry resources.

Networking Events

Arkansas Business Association arranges regular membership activities to keep members informed and to promote overall harmony among members and vendors, through our annual Gala, Expo, Picnic, and bi-annual Town Hall meetings.


Advertisement and Signage Program

Arkansas Business Association supplies our member stores with monthly promo kits that include spanner, poster, and static displays, as a part of our advertisement strategy to consumers. Additionally, we have billboard, radio, digital, and television advertisements rolled out continually.


Arkansas Business Association produces a monthly newsletter that not only covers industry and trade association news but also includes industry tips and trends beneficial to our members.

Insurance Program

Arkansas Business Association liaises with other trade associations and similar entities, to strengthen member businesses and formulate best practices, through the felonious assault insurance program and life insurance options

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